making some progress on side yard

painted the posts Tropical Oasis Valspar. I like the blue however the spray paint gave more of the effect I wanted. Unfortunately, I decided to buy a can of paint and use a brush. My fingers were hurting from pushing on the spray button. I painted the oramental post toppers Tropical Oasis. I went back and forth from adhesvie glue to Grillia glue and finally settled on Liquid Nails. Tomorrow I will use the glue. A HD employee helped me solve the picture hanging problem. Eye screws in the paintings and screws on the fence. 18gauge wire actually comes with a self attached cutter. Miracles of miracles. Tomorrow they will  be hung on the fence line.

A very pretty blue glass ball with copper and wind chimes, again from HD $20 – Got it home and the chain is messed up. I splurged and bought a clematis, lavender, and a yellow angel wing begonia.

Al did not come and power wash as he said he would. In fact, I have not heard from him. By the way, I have six 40 pound bags of pea gravel in the trunk of the car. Hoping that the college kids will be outside and I can ask them to carry the bags. Plan to gravel the first 2 sections of the fence leading out from the front gate. Plan to paint the top of the table trays Tropical Oasis, that will use up the quart of paint.slowly the sideyard is shaping up.



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