Blog 101 day 4, travel; day trips with kids

Travel, my motto is have passport, ready to travel. And traveling to distance places is enjoyable. The planning, the anticipation, adds to the fun. Yet some of my most enjoyable travel are day trips within 50 miles of where I live.

Day trips are a great way to learn about local venues that other people travel a distance to visit.  Five or so miles from my home is Longwood Gardens. Using my membership card, purchased yearly, I can visit for an hour, hours or the whole day. Sometimes I go by myself, sometimes I go with my daughter, Liz, and her kids. We have a routine: arrive, sign up for a scooter for me (I can no longer walk for a long time), go to the cafeteria for a leisurely lunch and then off to our favorite places in the garden. The tree houses, the bus that takes us out to the house in the meadow, and then to the other side of the gardens for playtime in the garden for children.  The indoor children’s garden area hands out towels if your child splashes themselves wet from the many fountains. Many parents bring a change of clothes for the kids. Don’t miss the Green Wall bathroom area, it is state of the art.

Staying a week at the shore, Atlantic Ocean, is fun but so is a quick day trip. On a late afternoon my daughter, Rebecca, said let’s go to the shore. We hopped into her car, kids in their car seats, swim suits, towels and buckets in a bag. Off to Belmar, NJ. We arrived when the beach was empty, the playground equipment had cooled off from the heat of the day, enjoyed building sandcastles and from a beachfront vendor we ate peppermint icecream for dinner. No complaints there!

Decades ago Mr. Rogers, showed crayons being made at the crayola factory. I had no idea where Easton, PA was located. That was before computers, etc. By now I have been to The Crayola Factory with my grandchildren. Floors and floors of fun and creativity. Look for discount coupons before you purchase your tickets. I still have the yellow crayon my grandaughter made for me from one of the many fun events kids can do.  In a tiny alleyway behind the factory is the Purple Cow, an ice cream store. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Spur of the moment trips, lots of fun, good memories. My daughters and I already have a list of 25 or more places to visit this summer with their kids. Watch this blog over the summer as I add more fun day trips.  A free potato chip factory tour is on the list. Which places are your favorites to visit on a spur of the moment day trip?

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Enjoy meeting people, enjoy travel, local and far away. motto: have passport will travel.
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