blog 101: day 2, tagline change

Today’s task was to fix up the title and create a tagline. I like the blog title but the tagline, well, it didn’t really say anything. Now I have a Master in Literature and a minor in creative writing. Seems like it should be a snap to come up with a snazzy tagline, right. Wrong. What I came up with was a long, long list of taglines that didn’t quite hit the mark. Then the light bulb came on. It was so simple, so easy. And I think the tagline fits with my thoughts and the blog title. Yes? No? What do you think?

About Caroline

Enjoy meeting people, enjoy travel, local and far away. motto: have passport will travel.
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3 Responses to blog 101: day 2, tagline change

  1. tentimestea says:

    I really like your tagline–honestly, I think it’s perfect considering your blog title! It really shows how much thought you’ve put into the decision.

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