Warmth and Mystery Photos

I’m a bit behind in posting. The batteries were low in the camera and it took a few days for that to dawn on me. There are many small railroad bridges over heavy used roads. The roads are small, twisty, and usually have woods or ravines next to them. Not on this particuler road but another road there are 5 bridges within 1/2 mile. Did each company have a separate railroad spur? What were these companies as most of the bridges are unused today. These interesting bridge/tunnels are located near Rte 30 between Downingtown and Frazer, PA.

railroad bridge, traffic

railroad bridge, traffic


Mystery: Unused railroad bridge that traffic goes under daily. Out of sight traffic funnels under a one lane railroad bridge.  Cars stop at the entrance and alternate sides of traffic go through the tunnel. The mystery is why is traffic backed up with no cars coming towards the camera?

Warmth and Sunlight: Sunny daffodils with a bit of sunshine on the grass

daffodils with spring sunshine

Daffodils with Spring sunshine

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