Landmark: Statue of Liberty

statue of Liberty

No matter how many times I see the Statue of Liberty I tear up. I get chills. Lady Liberty evokes powerful emotions in me. No longer can you walk or should I say climb to the top. The last time I took the ferry to the statue I was with a group of girl scouts. After many floors of normal steps the steps narrowed around a center post. Slowly, step by slow step we moved upward. I did not know the crown had open windows. I found girls in the troop leaning out of the open crown windows. I got sick in the stomach chills seeing the girls lean out. My time at the time was brief as I ushered the girls swiftly back down the stairs. Maybe other chaperons were easier with the window but I wasn’t. My daughter is now in her 30s and she still remembers my getting to the window and my reaction. Guess it was powerful.

This photo was taken from the 12th floor deck of a cruise ship. What do people do when first on a cruise ship, waiting for their room to be available, hungry for lunch as breakfast usually was already half a day past. They flock to the ship’s cafeteria. This time my daughter and I looked out the window and told her 4-year old daughter to look – there is the Statue of Liberty. I still get chills of pride when I look on Lady Liberty.

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