Today’s Task: Love Your Theme

I wanted to resist this assignment. I was happy with TwentyTen theme. But being a good student I previewed different themes.  I have 3 blogs, SunLitDay  about my withdrawal from cigarettes, the second is TodayTomorrowandBeyond about places and travel plus blog 101 and photo 101 assignments, the 3rd StitchinRainorShine is about embroidery. What I do not like is the same about shows on all three blogs. I want to customize my About to suit the blog. Is there some way to do this?

First clicked on free. I am not ready for a paid blog theme.

Editor: did not like the large text title

Chateau: love the photo header but did not like the color of the text. Did like the font.

Academia: Not for me.

Yoko: I like this theme and might change to it.But not tonight . I need to be fresh and mentally alert to change. I like that all the blogs do not show as in a list.

About Caroline

Enjoy meeting people, enjoy travel, local and far away. motto: have passport will travel.
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