my book review: A House in the Sky

A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett.

I rate it a 2 out of 10

Another true story about an adventureous female going off to the Third World.  She and a male friend, Nigel are captured and tortured by Somalians. She is beaten, raped and forgives the men.

Really, I find this ability to forgive unbelieveable.  Her family and Nigel’s family are unable to get $2 Million dollars together for their ransom. After 240 days the families get $500K together and pay the ransom. In the end of this story Amanda starts a non profit educational school for women in Nairobi. Hey, what about repaying her family and Nigel’s family for the ransom money? How about helping the Indians and the poor where she lives in Canada. Not sexy, right?

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