Sept 14, 2014

Shouldn’t Fall weather make one want to run outside and enjoy the crisp air and bright sunlight? Not  when I have allergies. This year seems to be very bad allergies for me. Yesterday my hearing was in and out, my ears felt raw and sore, like the ears were in a tunnel and under water. I wanted to scream; I wanted to cry. OTC medication did not help, it was cool, wet, heavy rains, then sunshine. The change in weather did not improve my hearing.  For weeks I was looking forward to visiting my son.  While our visit was nice, it would have been much better if I had not had allergies. . . today I again took a Claritin, my ears hurt, they crackle, the hearing is not the best. . . I am hiding inside the house looking out the window at the lovely Fall weather.  For the next four days we are supposed to have very high pollen. . . i want to scream, go away weed seeds and pollen, let me enjoy the nice weather.

About Caroline

Enjoy meeting people, enjoy travel, local and far away. motto: have passport will travel.
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