what color to paint the inside of a cabinet

I like to reuse things and that old tv cabinet is just right for holding my embroidery threads and crewel yarns. Where the old huge tv sat is a dark hole, the knickknack shelfs a dark hole, too. I painted the fake wood to match the wall, a vanilla shade of boredom, the shelfs used up the last dreg of flan, a yellow with rose undertone, love it on the kitchen walls with the sun beaming on the walls. Hmm, not the same result in the dark living room. Off to the paint store for color strips, I studied colors on websites, I consulted color wheels, I tried to decipher the color wheel,  I had so many paint chips I wrote grocery notes to myself on them, buy milk and cheese.  Shades, hues, and whatever of green chips, blue chips gave me hope, grays, whites, yellow, golds, I taped chip after chip to the cabinet. Nothing. And then, I thought coral. The dining room walls are Coral Kiss, a pale shade of coral that compliments the peony painting on the wall.  A light bulb went off in my head, why was I trying so hard when the answer was on the wall already. At the paint store I searched for the Coral Kiss paint chip and I went two shades deeper on the paint chip. No need to tape the chip to the cabinet for a preview, I bought a quart of satin paint on the spot. Ravishing Carol, oops, that’s supposed to be Ravishing Coral, works for me.

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Enjoy meeting people, enjoy travel, local and far away. motto: have passport will travel.
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