Antiques, me, and that’s not history I was alive then

A few days ago I attended a presentation. The forty or so people attending were in the age range of 30-60-ish, me being on the 60-ish edge. The presentation focused on a leader’s character as perceived by their company’s peer review process. Trust ranked high, the ability to reflect the company’s philosophy was also high on the list of desirable characteristics as was sincerity. Yes, these are good attributes to have and have always been desirable in our leaders.

Someone suggested that perception or the impression by means of the senses of the mind contributes to ranking a person high in leadership traits. Folks were agreeing with the presenter and then the presenter announced his personal hero of leaders. JFK.  John F. Kennedy, President of the United States in the 1961-1963. He did inspire trust, confidence, and sincerity. The presenter showed a film clip of John F Kennedy. The audience was quiet and respectful. as they watched history unfold on the screen.  I felt a sense of remembering the perception of the voters , a hope of trust, the ability to reflect to other countries and our own country our founding philosophy, and sincereness.

 What glued me in my seat was the reaction of the audience, this was a person of historical reference to most of them. For me, I still remember where I was when I heard JFK was assassinated, a moment of history, for sure, but for me on November 22, 1963, I was typing a railroad manifest in President’s Street Station, Baltimore, Maryland, and now President Street Station is a Civil War Museum. And to me, that museum is a part of history, much as JFK was to the audience that day. Perception, ageless.

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