off to a fresh start

Have you ever invited a contractor into your house for an estimate and felt that they dissed your house and taste in decor and living space? Well, I just had this happen. It was a cleaning service and the estimator started off with, Your husband is dead. For sure that’s a statement that got my attention. He has been dead for 6 years. Guess she was wondering who would pay for the cleaning service.

from that start her comments were ruder and goofy – I’ll have a professional in to clean your sofa – well, that might be fine but the sofa has a brand new slipcover on it! Can you guess, she didn’t get the job.

stop by and relax
Maybe she has a problem with the relaxed style I like – wicker porch chairs, lots of flowers in the garden,  antiques from relatives, too old to be called hand-me-downs oak china cabinet, even my house is old, built in 1886. And I am still vacuuming up dust from the random width pine flooring.  antique dust, now doesn’t that sound special.

About Caroline

Enjoy meeting people, enjoy travel, local and far away. motto: have passport will travel.
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